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The journey

Anne Pether has been successfully treating her clients since 2003 using The Journey.

This healing technique addresses the root cause of any issue at the deepest level and creates a lasting transformation in you life, releasing stress, anxiety and other issues.


The Journey process helps you reconnect with your full potential, liberating you from those deeply held blockages, old beliefs and vows that you may not be aware of, allowing you to soar on a fast track to freedom.

Understanding and releasing emotional and physical blockages (repressed cell memories) that have prevented the happiness you have been seeking, The Journey process can help with physical health issues, problems with relationships, fears and phobias, trauma and feeling low.

By clearing these unhealthy beliefs we feel free and more confident and happier in our lives.

The Journey process has helped thousands of people worldwide with many issues, so if you are ready to release your particular blockage then allow yourself to be safely guided through the process with Anne who has 15 years experience in this work, you can feel the freedom of what sometimes may have been a lifetime of limitation, allowing the new, more positive you to flourish.

The most common comments after the process from people of all walks of life say:

'I feel much more confident’

‘I suddenly realised I am doing something that I used to dread or was nervous about doing without thinking about it now.’

‘I no longer have that fear I used to have.’

‘I am able to react differently to criticism and other peoples behaviours.’

‘ I feel cleansed and lighter.’

‘I feel different and more positive.’

‘I feel that I can now deal with the situation that has stopped me in the past.’

If you would like more information about The Journey process please contact Anne at the Clinic or go on .

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